Re-design Design Education conference - Oliver Szasz

Re-design Design Education/Philosophic Concepts Conference – Jiangnan University, School of Design, Wuxi, China, 2014

“Re-design Design Education” conference has been held the third time in 2014 to reflect issues in education as well as practice based on the changing landscape of design research.


This year the conference particularly has explored philosophic concepts shared by various subject matters of design and common patterns to designing within different business, social and cultural contexts. For this reason dozens of international academic leaders, experts and industrial pioneers in design, management and economics have come to Wuxi to share research findings and case studies in order to contribute to the discussion about design and design thinking. I would like to highlight the contributions of some academics and experts in their field in some further posts, e.g. Richard Buchanan, Richard Boland, Jurgen Faust, Kun-pyo Lee, Ezio Manzini, Sabine Junginger, Darrel Rhea and Craig M. Vogel.


With some of them I had the pleasure to discuss matters in a very personal discussion group in the Designing Business Matters Conference 2014, a sub-conference of the “Re-design Design Education” conference, which specifically has been held to develop a discourse around designing in the business context, to elaborate on designing for ethics in finance and responsible business, and to consider design for sustainable economies. I will provide interesting insights and knowledge about aspects in design and design thinking in the following posts, so please stay tuned!


In the meantime, enjoy the photo of the conference participants, which was shot in front of the Jiangnan University.



> Website Re-design Design Education Conference

> Website Designing Business Matters Conference 2014



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