Presenting Design Thinking Research Project at Rachel Carson Center

Being invited at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC) in Munich to present a student research and development project. A team of students in my Interdisciplinary Project class from the MA Design Management program investigated opportunities and issues when trying to motivate and activate Munich citizens to actively participate in protecting their environment, particularly looking into climate change. The highly challenging project was executed by students coming from diverse location such as India, USA and Germany. The result was using Gamification in order to attract citizens’ attention and galvanize the attentive public into action.

Christof Mauch, Director (jointly with Helmuth Trischler) of the Rachel Carson Center and the Chair in American Culture and Transatlantic Relations at LMU Munich, invited me to attend one of their Tuesday Discussion events and to present the design thinking approach to research and development. More information about the Rachel Carson Center here: http://www.carsoncenter.uni-muenchen.de/about_rcc/index.html

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