Peter Saville in conversation – the independent communication designer

Peter Saville, famous communication designer presented his view on design and provided insights into his processes at the Black Box venue at Gasteig in Munich, hosted by TGM.

He spoke about his past and how he became a world renowned record sleeve designer, without actually aiming for it. Check out his website for his very impressive portfolio in this field: Striking was his humility throughout his very personal presentation and how much he focused his whole life on projects, which he really cared for, rather than aiming for prosperity for any price. Read more about him in The Guardian or on the Design Museum London website.

Check out also his branding work for Manchester City, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Very interesting was also how he immersed himself daily in Manchester City for 3 months to rediscover the qualities and the character of his former hometown to develop a fresh approach to history and modernity: Manchester: Original Modern.

I invited the master students of the Design Management M.A. program at Macromedia University to this event to provide insights in a very different approach to designing solutions than we usually aim for. To my surprise he actually uses one major approach very naturally and very thoroughly in his process, which master students of design management are very familiar with: Empathy.

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