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European Growth by Design Summit 2015 Brussels

The organization Design For Europe had their first summit at The Square in Brussels. It was a great event with a focus on design-driven innovation and user-focused improvement for business, the public sector and policymaking. Design for Europe is bringing together the latest tools, techniques and success stories of innovation. The summit offered a range of high profile speakers from diverse organizations, universities and companies to discuss the potential of design-led approaches to innovation processes.

The speaker list included:

  • Bonifacio García-Porras, Head of Unit of Innovation Policy for Growth, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs, European Commission
  • John Mathers, CEO, Design Council
  • Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director-General, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs, European Commission (Consortium Lead, Design for Europe)
  • Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink, President, FME-CWM
  • Dr Anne Stenros, Design Director, KONE
  • Robin Edman, SVID (and forthcoming President of BEDA)
  • Rogier van der Heide, Senior Vice President, Chief Design & Marketing Officer, Zumtobel Group
  • Professor Lou Yongqi, Dean, College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University and VP, Cumulus
  • Ezio Manzini, Chair of Design for Social Innovation, University of the Arts London
  • Stefano Marzano, former Chief Design Officer, Philips and Chief Design Officer and Group Management member, Electrolux Group
  • Kerstin Jorna, Director, Industrial Property, Innovation & Standards, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs, European Commission
  • Deborah Dawton, CEO, Design Business Association
  • Annabella Coldrick, Director, Policy & Research, Design Council (Coordinator, Design for Europe)
  • Ask Agger, CEO, Workz
  • Christian Bason, Chief Executive, Danish Design Centre

Download the design For Europe Design summit 2015 program here.

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