Carole Bilson (president DMI) welcoming participants and members of DMI at the Design Leadership Conference 2016 in Boston (DLC16).


DMI Design Leadership Conference 2016


DMI Design Leadership Conference 2016, at Hyatt Regency Cambridge, overlooking the Charles River Basin in Boston, MA.


Mark the date: I am proud to help organizing the DMI Design & Innovation Symposium in Munich, March 2017, as part of the Munich Creative Business Week 2017

dmi: Design Leadership Conference Boston, MA (DLC16)

Just came back from another excellent DMI conference, this time the DMI Design Leadership conference in Boston, MA. The distinguished keynote speaker was Vijay Govindarajan, Coxe Distinguished Professor, Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, Marvin Bower Fellow, Harvard Business School.

He explained vividly his theory what he calls “the three boxes”, which he recently published in this book The Three-Box Solution: A Strategy for Leading Innovation at Harvard Business Review Press (2016).

Govindarajan offers unique insights into the fundamentally different needs of existing and newly formed businesses when innovating existing business models or new ones ( Further excellent speakers added their point of view on innovation and leadership: Kevin Bethune (Vice President of Strategic Design at BCG Digital Ventures), Kristin Skinner (Managing Director/Adaptive Path and Head of Design Management/Capital One), Eric Quint (Chief Design Officer at 3M Company), Gus Desbarats (Chairman Alloy), Heleen Engelen (Global Head of Design Teams and Operations at Philips Design for HealthTech), John Edson (President, LUNAR), Jeremy Alexis (IIT Institute of Design)

Full list of speakers and information about further activities during the DMI Design Leadership 2016 conference in Boston, MA, here.

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