> Designing Business Matters – Conference 2014 Wuxi

Responsible Economics, Brighter Futures, Corporate Responsibility, Ethical Finance, Mindful Work, Strategic Design, and Sustainable Economies

Designing business matters more than ever-or does it?
What are the business matters of design? How do we identify them?
What makes design matter to business? How do we go about business and design?


In 2002, a series of international conferences on these issues began in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with conferences in 2010 in Milan, Italy, and 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. We now invite researchers, practitioners, and students from different disciplines and professions to join us in 2014 in Wuxi, China. We will look beyond buzzwords and platitudes on design thinking in business, management, and organization to contribute to the development of new fields and practices.

The past decade has seen conferences and workshops on managing as designing, design management, business design, and changing the decision-making paradigm in management. Universities teach design to management students and management to design students. We sometimes think of managers as designers, even though they may not be conscious of the design practices and methods they use. In the midst of this development, service design has emerged as an important issue in professional conferences and research journals, in business and government. Overall, the boundaries between professional fields have become increasingly fuzzy. For example, marketing departments claim that they have long developed services. Similarly, design thinking is moving through university departments and corporate offices at top speed – sometimes as a useful paradigm, other times as a fashion fad.

The aim of the Wuxi conference is to develop a discourse around designing in the business context, to elaborate on designing for ethics in finance and responsible business, and to consider design for sustainable economies.


Dates: 23-26 May 2014
Location: Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 April 2014

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