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Design Thinking Workshop at Horizont Sportbusiness Leaders Forum 2017

I was invited together with Prof. Dr. Juergen Faust, President Macromedia University, to provide a Design Thinking workshop with the focus on exploring innovative approaches to business in sports. Most of the workshop participants were top executives in German sports media and didn’t have any experience in actually “doing” a Design Thinking approach to innovation.


We were successfully able not only to grab their attention with a brief, but highly informative presentation about the key drivers behind Design Thinking as an innovation culture and as a set of effective innovation methods, but also to motivate them to deep dive into the process themselves. The participants were encouraged to develop their own workshop topics and showed great passion to really test the visual and tactile prototyping material we provided.


More information about the event here (German language only): http://www.horizont.net/marketing/nachrichten/HORIZONT-Sportbusiness-Awards-Die-besten-Bilder-der-Preisverleihung-161678

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