> Design Thinking in Management – FAZ Executive School + MHMK

How can Design Thinking be successfully applied to practice in management? 2 Day Seminar with Prof. Dipl.-Des. M.A. Oliver Szasz.

Prof. Oliver Szasz provides profound knowledge about process and methods of Design Thinking, scientific background knowledge about perceptual psychology, communication theory, visual thinking, empathy and experience design to enable participants to use the tools of Design Thinking for corporate innovation and transformation. Guests: Prof. Dr. Alyosh Agarwal and Sebastian Ritzler (Partner gravity munich)

Language: German
Dates: May 9/10 2014 and June 13/14 2014
Place: Klassikstadt, Orber Straße 4a, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
More Infos: http://www.faz-es.net/seminare/design-thinking  

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