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Design Management and Design Thinking

Design Management has become a central focus in today’s organizations, because incorporating effective innovation processes in order to be able to create successful new products and services, as well as better productivity and performance has increased the likelihood of a business succeeding in a global and highly competitive environment. Design-driven innovation processes are based on a profound understanding of customers’ or users’ needs, wants and aspirations – found in the human-centred Design Thinking methodology. This approach can not only support the development of successful new products and services, but supports empowerment of employees to think innovatively through all levels in an organisation, drive inspirational leadership and support change in an age of digital transformation and complex problems.

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Design Management is divided in three major levels of activities:

1. The operational level: The management of individual design projects and design teams.

2. The tactical level: The management and organisation of design resources and design processes.

3. The strategic level: The management of the creation of strategic long-term design vision and defining the role of design within the company.

Career prospects range from senior designer, innovation team leader, innovation manager, design director to chief design officer (CDO) or chief creative officer (CCO).

In my position as Vice Head Graduate School Munich I am responsible for the Design Management master’s degree program at Macromedia University Campus Munich and in this presentation I provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What is Design Management?
  2. Why is Design Management so relevant today?
  3. Why is design involved in innovation?
  4. How to design innovation?
  5. Why studying at Macromedia University?

The Design Management master’s degree program invites students from various academic and professional fields who wish to comprehensively understand innovation processes in order to lead innovation teams worldwide, whether you are a designer, manager, sociologist, engineer, architect or an entrepreneur.

Study at Germany’s leading private university for media and communication. Learn in an international university environment in small multi-disciplinary teams. Think about working and living in Munich? Many international students remain in Munich after their studies to enjoy staying in Germany’s city with the highest quality of live and to establish a future in Bavaria, Germany’s largest federal state with the strongest economy.



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