design for public good

Design for Public Good

Design has begun to play a crucial role in services. This has also led to a rise in new design disciplines which focus on the design for service experiences in global systems. Understanding consumer and user needs is undoubtedly one of the key drivers to design and to provide sophisticated service offerings.


In the UK Design Council’s Design for Public Good report highlights 11 case studies to prove how design capabilities applied in the private sector can be utilized in the public sector. According to the report, design thinking offers a highly effective methodology for facing “common challenges in delivering the best possible quality of life in a way that is economically sustainable” (Design for Public Good, p.6).

My research focuses currently on taking design thinking and its human-centred, multidisciplinary approach to create innovation for the public sector. I have begun to ask, whether it would be conceivable to design for policy? How could we transform the existing design thinking methodologies and its tools to fit into such a process?

If you are also interested the Design for Public Good report (PDF) is a good start. Download it here:


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