Monthly Archives: March 2014

> Beyond Design Thinking – is Design Thinking a failed experiment?

Read what Kevin McCullagh (Founder, Plan) has to say about his critical view on Design Thinking and why he believes, that Design Thinking has capabilities which are not easy to be mastered.

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> Designing Business Matters – Conference 2014 Wuxi

Responsible Economics, Brighter Futures, Corporate Responsibility, Ethical Finance, Mindful Work, Strategic Design, and Sustainable Economies

Designing business matters more than ever-or does it?
What are the business matters of design? How do we identify them?
What makes design matter to business? How do we go about business and design?


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> Designing Business Book – available from Nov. 2014

In Nov. 2014 the Designing Business book by Jurgen Faust and Sabine Junginger will be published by Berg Publishers. I have contributed a paper about the evolution from craft to design and from design to design thinking, and its implications on design education.

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> Design Thinking in Management – FAZ Executive School + MHMK

How can Design Thinking be successfully applied to practice in management? 2 Day Seminar with Prof. Dipl.-Des. M.A. Oliver Szasz.

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> Design Thinking MOOC – Linking Theoretical Frames with Practice

In my role as Director of the Macromedia University MOOC Design Thinking I have been very busy over these last couple of months with conceiving, designing, planning and supervising the production of the first MOOC produced by Macromedia University.

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